The perfect late night art snack.

Scene:  The camera opens to two people sitting on a couch in front of a TV. They turn on the TV as the announcer begins to speak.

TV Announcer :  So you are sitting down to whatever and chill, when lo and behold the commercials come one. Just as your about to get truly invested and relax for the wonderful ride that is your TV show and then the commercials starts playing..Oh Boy

They start and at first you're okay with them for like 5 seconds and they keep trying to hold your attention but it turns into an eternity. You try to remember what show was on, before this became your new life. The constant Flux of commercials becomes mind numbing and you start wanting things you most likely don’t need. 

It soon just becomes another thing we start accepting as our reality, we know its not real, just like the models in the magazines, and on Instagram. (Shout out to the beautiful women breaking that status quo) With all this in mind,  I wanted to take a burger, donut and any other mainstream pretty food and photograph the actual results of the products. But like any creation, it evolved into something new.  I started to realize I was reflecting on both the constant stream of advertisements we see as well as reflection on the Pop Art movement with a Warhol-esque vibe. Campbell’s soup anyone? It really started as wallpaper, like that would be the next thing they will start to advertise from where every aspect of our lives is controlled by a magical wizard behind a luxurious velvet curtain and we turn into mindless WALL-E slaves that absorb whatever is next. But going back to the Warhol-esque of my work, he would use those controversial images and repeated the object over and over till it almost lost its essence and power. 

I think that's what I strive for with my work, but in the end it also becomes its own thing as I said before. Something fun, new, cohesive and its own entirely. At least that is my goal when I create each one. That it shy's away from what it once was and begins as something new.

You blink, and the commercials are over and you can continue with your show. 



Oh deer! We're not in kansas anymore.

As a photographer a lot of things draw your eye, and if you're lucky sometimes those images turn into an obsession. To this day my mind is still boggled that there is such a market for taxidermy and the resale value they incur. 
I can't help but imagine a scenario where someone may appreciate your resale elk mount. Does one make up as fantastical story as to how they slayed the animal? Do they tell the truth and say they bought someone elses trophy? Some things I may never know but from the curiosity I noticed throughout  this furniture store it was like they created a new environment and story for them.
Though they weren't in the forest, there was still wood and greenery. Although they were not alive there was emotion laid in their eyes. There was romance , mystery, movement and beauty in these creatures that tickles my funny bone to this day. Even through they were no longer in the enviroment where they were found, estranged from it if you will, somehow a mini wilderness was placed into this vintage furniture store.



Being an artist you realize you can always make your loved ones gifts, but sometimes you get sent down a rabbit hole and find an idea that creates more.  This was one of those ideas, so weird that it just stuck with you till it became a reality. I made this for my friend, who at the time her username was sadsquatch. This was originally going to be a painting  as a house warming gift and for some reason I wanted to pose Sasquatch in a similar fashion to the Obama Portrait by Kehinde Wiley.